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Murals that Colour the City

Greece - Athens - Education
Murals that Colour the City
Graffiti artists have splashed the city with colourful works that often make powerful political statements.

In most cities, art isn’t limited to museums these days. Athens is no exception. One of the world’s hottest destinations for graffiti artists, the city’s stunning street art is now part of the urban fabric. If you love art and street culture, you’ll love discovering this lesser-known side of Athens.
Keramikos & Gazi
Ancient culture meets urban sub-culture.
Keramikos owes its name to the cemetery and pottery workshops of ancient Athens located here. Read more...

Great Photo Locations in Athens

Greece - Athens - Education
Great Photo Locations in Athens
If you’re looking to snap the perfect shot for your feed, look no further than these stunning Instagrammable places in Greece.

Athens is a very beautiful city.
It is a city that combines legendary ancient monuments, picturesque neighborhoods, inspiring street art, colorful food, and sunshine.
It is a city that wakes up early in the morning and goes to sleep just before the sun rises again.
It is a capital of 5 million people with as many millions of corners waiting to be captured in the camera’s lens.
Here are some photo locations in Athens for famous Instagrammers or just photo lovers.

Acropolis, the sacred hill
The most iconic picture and the number one attraction in Athens. Entering the archaeological site, you will see the grand steps of the complex of Propylaea, which make for an excellent photo.
Entering the Propylaea, you will see the Parthenon, the grand temple of the goddess Athena made almost entirely of Pentelic marble.
An architectural marvel creating the most amazing illusions.
Just opposite the Parthenon, on the north side of the Acropolis stands the Erechtheion with the famous Caryatids, the six lady statues.
Areopagus, the rock of justice
Romantic as ever, the rock of Areopagus was the ancient criminal court.
The Ancient Greeks named the

Ancient Greek Art and Architecture

Greece - Athens - Arts
Ancient Greek Art and Architecture
The ancient civilization developed a distinct architectural style that modern architecture continues to reference.

Greek Temple Architecture

With its rectangular stone platform, front and back porches, and rows of columns, the Parthenon was a commanding example of Greek temple architecture.
Typically, the people of ancient Greece did not worship inside their temples as we do today.
Instead, the interior room was relatively small, housing just a statue of the deity the temple was built to honor.
Worshippers gathered outside, entering only to bring offerings to the statue.
The temples of classical Greece all shared the same general form: Rows of columns supporting a horizontal entablature and a triangular roof.
At each end of the roof, above the entablature, was a triangular space known as the pediment, into which sculptors squeezed elaborate scenes.
On the Parthenon, for example, the pediment sculptures show the birth of Athena on one end and a battle between Athena and Poseidon on the other.
So that people standing on the ground could see them, these pediment sculptures were usually painted bright colors and were arrayed on a solid blue or red background.
Ancient Greek Sculpture

Not many classical statues or sculptures survive today. Stone statues broke easily, and metal ones were often melted for Read more...

The Most Popular Greek Sports

Greece - Athens - Sports
The Most Popular Greek Sports
From the creation of the ancient Olympic Games to Greek influence on modern sports and their rules - Greece has done it all. Discover everything about the most popular sports in Greece in this post.

The national sport of Greece is football.
Everyone in Greece loves playing football.
And even though the country is not specifically good in the sport, it is truly a national passion and the most popular pastime.
Football in Greece is overseen by the Hellenic Football Federation, which was founded in 1926.
Most Greek people do not really like watching the national league though, as they would rather watch the English Premier League or the Spanish La Liga.
The national team however made history in 2004, after having shocked the world and being crowned UEFA Euro Champions.
The second most popular sport in Greece is basketball. Basketball has always been part of Greek sports traditions.
The country has

Fun Team Building Activites in Athens

Greece - Athens - Teambuildung
Fun Team Building Activites in Athens
Enjoy some fun team-building activities in Athens.

Athens is regarded by many as the birthplace of Western civilization.
This ancient capital city is now home to numerous contemporary shopping centers and lively shopping districts infused with the clamorous energy of the East.
A team-building event here lacks nothing in terms of diversity, with countless activities on offer including workshops, street-food tours, laser tag, and more.
History fanatics are equally catered for in Athens, a city once home to ancient philosophers like Aristotle, Pythagoras, and Socrates.
A walking tour of the city takes you to famous sights such as the Acropolis of Athens and Parthenon, as well as other hidden gems.
Hunt delicious street food in Athens with a local guide.
You can sample delicious Greek street food while exploring the city sights.
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