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German Art and Architecture

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German Art and Architecture
German art has played a crucial role in the development and shaping of Western art, especially Celtic and Ottonian art. Also, the tumultuous history left signs in German rich and diverse architecture.

Painting and sculptures in the Gothic style were very famous in Europe, including Germany. The highlight of the 15th century was the design of altarpieces. Generations of German artists explored and showed their skills in Baroque and Rococo style, as well as of Neoclassicism. Romanticism is also a very important part of German art. Some of the most famous German paintings are: “The Sin” by Franz Stuck, “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich, “Studio Wall” by Adolf Menzel, “Heller Altarpiece” by Albrecht Dürer and Matthias Grünewald, etc.
Its palaces, castles, cathedrals, and monuments best tell the story of Germany. Amphitheaters, spas and roman bridges are part of the Read more...

Fun Facts about the German Language

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Fun Facts about the German Language
Introducing you to the peculiarities of the German language, from extremely long words to a unique letter.

German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union – ahead of Spanish, French and even English. It is the official language in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein and one of the official languages in Switzerland and Luxembourg. German ranks 11th in the list of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In many Romance languages, nouns are either male or female, making them difficult enough for native English speakers. German goes even one further: a noun can also be neuter. The gender of a word is determined purely by grammar. For example, “Das Mädchen” (the girl) is neuter, even though it refers to a female person.
In German, nouns are capitalized. Unlike English, this rule applies not only to proper names; there are no exceptions. German uses Read more...

What You Should Know About Hertha Berlin

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What You Should Know About Hertha Berlin
From its philharmonic to its fashion scene, there are a lot of things that Berliners do well. Hertha BSC, in particular, has a compelling history full of surprising obstacles and exciting comebacks.

Its full name is Hertha Berliner Sport-Club von 1892, and the team was named for a steamship. In fact, their colors come from the ship’s blue and white smokestacks. Some of its nicknames include ‘Die Alte Dame’, which means ‘the old lady’ in German and ‘Die Blau-Weßen’ the blue-whites, both in reference to the eponymous steamship. Eight years after its formation in 1892, Hertha served as a founding member for the German Football Association in Leipzig. Due to financial troubles, Hertha merged with the Berliner Sport Club in 1920. They won championships in 1905, 1930, and 1931. Under the Third Reich, the Hertha played in a new division, the Gauliga Berlin-Brandenburg. During this era, they earned the divisional title in 1935, 1937, and 1944. After a brief hiatus under the Allied Forces’ ban on most organizations in Post-War Germany, the team was briefly renamed SG Gesundbrunnen. They played in a new, exclusively West German league because Berlin was divided at the time.
Hertha actually founded the Bundesliga in 1963, and it served as the league’s champion at the time. This was short-lived, however, Read more...

Relax and Recharge in Berlin

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Relax and Recharge in Berlin
Berlin is commonly celebrated for its historic sites and lively nightlife, but that doesn’t mean the city isn’t spoiled for tranquil hideaways if you know where to look.

Nestled in the peaceful neighborhood of Dahlem are Berlin’s very own botanical gardens. Showcasing plants and trees from across the globe, these award-winning gardens provide an ideal escape from the buzz of the capital. Trendy Prenzlauer Berg is home to many bohemian cafés, but this special spot offers more than just healthy treats, it’s also the city’s first yoga-studio café. Alongside the exceptionally tasty vegetarian menu, this spot also provides yoga classes and courses for aspiring teachers, allowing weary visitors to replenish both the mind and the body in one trip.
Mindfulness meets modern art at Museum der Stille, a contemporary museum for travelers looking for a break from the norm – Read more...

Beautiful Spring Escapes In Berlin

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Beautiful Spring Escapes In Berlin
Berlin has many beautiful gardens, parks, and forests to escape to. Here are some of the most peaceful spots of the city, ideal for visiting in spring.

Although a well-known and popular attraction in Berlin, Tiergarten is so large that finding a picturesque and quiet haven for yourself is not difficult. Several canals and little lakes garnish the lush green landscape, providing visitors with the freedom to forget any stress they may have. Surrounding the largest palace in Berlin, Schlossgarten Charlottenburg is a stunning maze of royal gardens available for visitors to get happily lost in. In harmony with the palace, the design of the gardens emanates a baroque style and includes little features such as a belvedere and mausoleum.
Among the busy streets of Neukölln is the beautiful Körnerpark, complete with fountains, flower gardens, and an art gallery. These neo-baroque Read more...

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