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The journey through the island's history

Casas de Santana

These peculiar buildings offer us a real journey through the island's history. Thus, the materials of which the Casas de Santana were built are a testimony of the resources that were historically most available in the region.

These triangular-shaped houses are made of wood, a cheap and abundant material in this location, which helps to balance the temperature inside. In addition, the famous thatched roof was another way to use cereal crops, such as wheat and rye. The slope of the roofs guaranteed the impermeability of the house, allowing rainwater to drain. Still on the outside, the typical houses of Santana are known for their bright colors: blue, red and white. In turn, the interior only had an attic, to store agricultural products, and a ground floor for the residential area, divided into a kitchen and a bedroom.

The typical houses of Santana are currently one of the calling cards of the Madeira archipelago and one of its most identifying icons.