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The king of Swedish pastry: Cinnamon Bun

Guide to the best Swedish pastry

One of the first things visitor will notice when visiting Stockholm is the abundance of pastries. For people outside the Scandinavia, Kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls) are coil-shaped buns with cinnamon-flavored filling, usually glazed with thin icing. These buns can be enjoyed at any time. There is the traditional Fika setting (a cozy coffee and pastry), or lazing in the sun at Mariatorget, or even sitting on the bow of a sailboat while cruising the Stockholm archipelago. All situations can be improved with a nice cinnamon bun.

A cinnamon roll consists of a rolled sheet of yeast-leavened dough onto which a cinnamon and sugar mixture (and raisins or other ingredients in some cases) is sprinkled over a thin coat of butter. The dough is then rolled, cut into individual portions, and baked or deep fried. Swedish Kanelbulle dough typically also contains cardamom, giving it a distinctive flavor. Some are light and fluffy, but drier while others are heavier on the butter.

The best, Cinnamon rolls or Kanelbullar in Stockholm are Valhalla, Gateau, Rosendals Tradgard, Green Rabbit, Petrus.