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Defenders of the kingdom

The story about the Royal Guard and Royal Guard Parade

Every day at 11.30 pm the Royal Guard parade in the streets of Copenhagen’s city center before arriving at the royal family’s winter residence in Amalienborg Palace, where the ceremony for the changing of the guards takes place. Dressed in hats and blue ceremonial uniforms start marching from the Life Guard Barracks in Rosenborg Castle and at 12.00 sharp it reaches Amalienborg Palace. When the Queen is in residence, the ceremony becomes even more spectacular as the 60-guard King Watch is on duty and the royal parade is accompanied by the Royal Guards music band, which consists of 36 musicians and 16 drummers. However, when the royal family isn’t at their winter residence, the Manor Watch, which consists of only 18 guards, protects the palace.

Den Kongelige Livgarde was founded by King Frederik III in 1658. Not really trusting in the longevity of the Roskilde peace treaty between Denmark and Sweden, the King deemed the creation of a royal guard necessary. Nowadays, it serves as an active infantry unit, that assigns soldiers to combat zones around the globe, as well as the royal family’s guard. The Royal Guard’s motto is Pro Rege Et Grege, which translates to ‘For King and People’.

The best spot for tourists to watch the ceremony is at Amalienborg Palace, where guards march from the courtyard’s one corner to the other and the flag lieutenant hands the national flag to the adjutant on duty.