Program - Sightseeing - Lisbon - Portugal
The coolest capital city in Europe

Portugal’s hilly, coastal capital city. From imposing São Jorge Castle, to the view encompasses the old city’s pastel-colored buildings,

Seven cinematic hillsides overlooking the Rio Tejo cradle Lisbon's postcard-perfect panorama of cobbled alleyways, ancient ruins and white-domed cathedrals – a captivating scene crafted over centuries. The world is full of wonderful and exciting cities to visit, and Lisbon is one that should be on everyone’s bucket list. It has everything within easy reach, from galleries and museums to the seaside and charming nearby villages. Lisbon is also extremely budget-friendly, making it easy to navigate and explore in depth.

Cheerful, calm, and vibrant, Lisbon is a capital like no other. The city has a lot going on with events, exhibitions, flea markets, and shows scheduled practically around the clock (at least that’s how it feels), but it also offers a peaceful and relaxing environment where visitors can stroll off the beaten path and revel in nature or wind up in a historic neighborhood where time seems to stand still. The roads are windy and maze-like, yet you’ll never get lost and there is usually a friendly local, known as a Lisboeta, to help you find what you’re looking for. In Lisbon, English feels like an unofficial second language, unlike many other European capitals. It’s not only possible but common to meet a Lisboeta who speaks English almost flawlessly.

Lisbon is one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities of Europe. It is a city that effortlessly blends traditional heritage, with striking modernism and progressive thinking.
As a holiday destination, Lisbon offers a rich and varied history, a buzzing nightlife and is blessed with a glorious year-round climate.