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Brussels is hidden architectural treasures

Visit the majestic city known for its world-famous waffles and chocolate treats. Brussels is a lot like life, read on what what you will get

Famous worldwide for its delicious waffles and chocolates, Belgium is a compact multi-cultural nation nestled in the centre of Western Europe. It effortlessly blends history with the future through the juxtaposition of numerous majestic castles and hipster cafes that line quaint streets. Take the tram across the city and be amazed by the changing cityscapes. From opulent infrastructures to rundown streets, Brussels is a mix of anything under the sun. At the heart of these cultural flurries is Brussels’ medieval core where the Grand-Place stands proud.

For the more adventurous, explore the streets on foot and avoid having your plans delayed by traffic.It is not only the excessiveness of things that make Brussels a great city. The beauty also lies in its simplicity – the citizens’ humorous, yet inexpressive, perception of life. Here are ten reasons why you should make a trip to this amazing city!

With the EU nerve centers in its midst, the heart of Europe beats loudest in Brussels. And whether you cheered when Brexit happened or looked away in horror, the brand-new, eco-friendly headquarters and its humongous lantern-like structure can’t help but appeal. Brussels is a lot like life: you never know what you’re gonna get. Which is exactly why any world traveller would be advised to visit and experience the contradictions and delights for themselves.