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Skyview, World-Class Attraction That Takes You To The Top Of The World’s Largest Spherical Building

Ericsson Globe, a Stockholm landmark from the apex 130 meters above sea level, you get a fantastic view encompassing all of Stockholm.

The Stockholm Globe Arena is one of the most distinctive landmarks of the Swedish capital. Officially the building is named after its sponsor, “Ericsson Globe”. However, most Swedes just call it “Globen”, i. e. “the Globe”. The Globe opened in 1989 and is considered to be the largest spherical building in the world. The event hall can hold up to 16,000 spectators.

Since February 2010, the Globe has a spectacular attraction on its outside, the SkyView. The SkyView is a kind of glass elevator with which you can drive on the outer skin of the Globe to its very top. Since the SkyView was installed, the Stockholmers joke that the Globe looks like a butt now when viewed from a longer distance.Ericsson Globe, the world’s largest spherical building, opened in 1989. A symbol both for Stockholm and Sweden, this is the arena that has hosted almost all major events during the past decades.

See the city from a unique perspective from the top of SkyView. Up the iconic Ericsson Globe, you can get unparalleled views over the beautiful city from this glass cabin that scales the side of this impressive building. A trip up SkyView one of the best ways to see the city – so make sure you don’t forget your camera! Ericsson Globe is situated in the southern part of Stockholm so as you ascend on your 20 minute ride up the SkyView, you can get views over the southern suburbs. It’s a great way to experience Stockholm and one for your bucket list of things to do in the city.