Program - Sightseeing - Brussels - Belgium
Mini Europe, a Whistle-Stop Tour of Europe

Enjoy a stroll taking in the typical atmosphere of the most beautiful towns of the old Continent.

Located at the foot of the Atomium, MINI-EUROPE is the only park where you can visit the whole of Europe in a couple of hours. A truly unique voyage ! Stroll amid the typical ambiance of the most beautiful towns of the Old Continent. Mini Europe, a miniature park in the outskirts of Brussels, was opened in 1989.

Located next to the Atomium, Mini Europe is a quick and enjoyable was of discovering the EU’s most important monuments, for example, an Eiffel Tower 13 meters high and the four meters tall Big Ben. The park receives 350,000 visitors that explore the miniatures recognising the various landmarks each year. Some of the reproductions stand out for being extremely complex, like the Town Hall of Brussels, for which nearly 300 statues were sculpted by hand, or the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral that needed 24.000 hours of work. Mini Europe is full of gardens and moving windmills, lorries, trains and boats and even an erupting Mount Vesuvius.

Mini-Europe stays in Brussels !!! DISCOVER EUROPE’S NICEST PLACES ...Europe in a few hours… A unique experience!Mini-Europe is above all an “invitation to travel”. The chimes of Big Ben, the gondolas in front of the Doge’s Palace, the Grand-Place in Brussels, the Acropolis ... an animated tour with visual and sound effects along 350 miniatures and attractions recreated down to the smallest detail at the scale 1/25.A fascinating presentation for everyone, not to be missed during your stay in the Capital of Europe!