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Marin Držić

The greatest Croatian Renaissance playwright and prose writer of all time

Marin Drzic, after whom Dubrovnik's theater is named, was born in 1508 into a large, wealthy Dubrovnik family. He is considered to be the greatest Croatian Renaissance playwright and prose writer of all time.

He was trained and even ordained in 1526 as a priest, a position Drzic was deeply unsatisfied with, and one that found itself highly unsuitable for his otherwise rebellious and impulsive personality. Owing to his friendly and warm temperament, Drzic found it to be no task at all to win over both his peers and even his professors, his charisma leading him to become elected to the position of Rector of the University. Drzic, who is otherwise a peculiar character, seemed to be eternally unfulfilled by any other line of work or study, made a name for himself with his impressive writing skills and wild imagination. His works cover many fields of writing, from lyric poetry to pastorals, to pamphlets and political letters, even in comedies, for which he is perhaps most well remembered. Drzic's comedies are some of the highly regarded in the European Renaissance literature, they are full of the virtues of life: love, vitality liberty and sincerity, but also cleverly mock egoism, notions of tyranny and pettiness. Some of his best known and most loved comedies are Pomet, Novela od Stanca, Skup and perhaps the most celebrated, Dundo Maroje, which is played in both local and international theaters to this day.

Today, Marin Drzic is very much alive in the City of Dubrovnik and in Croatia as a whole, with a school named after him and his statue sitting outside Dubrovnik's Marin Drzic theatre in the Old City, his pensive gaze overlooking thousands upon thousands of tourists taking photos with him and rubbing his nose for luck.