Program - Sightseeing - Stralsund - Germany
Gorch Fock

The museum ship

Gorch Fock I is a German three-mast barque, the first of a series built as school ships for the German Reichsmarine in 1933. She was taken as war reparations by the Soviet Union after World War II and renamed Tovarishch. The ship was acquired by sponsors, after a short period under the Ukrainian flag in the 1990s and a prolonged stay in British ports due to lack of funds for necessary repairs. Then she sailed to her original home port of Stralsund where her original name of Gorch Fock was restored on 29 November 2003. The barque was christened „GORCH FOCK“ the pseudonym of the German writer Johann Kinau from Hamburg-Finkenwerder, who wrote in a local German dialect.

An extensive repairs were carried out in 2008 and she became the museum ship. The visitor can discover the history of the ship in the on-board museum and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the traditional sailor. It shows old documents from German and Russian times, means of navigation, technical devices and equipment. Also, it can visit the captain's salon or the card room.

The popular windjammer is located in Stralsund's city harbor and is a reminder of the glorious days of tall ships.