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Taste of Beer in the Hanseatic City

Breweries of Lubeck

On the 23rd of April 1516 the German Beer Purity Law was once passed by the Bavarian state regulations. The golden barley juice has a tradition which is several thousand years old, it is drunk just about everywhere in the world and considered the national drink of the Germans.The history of beer, peppered with entertaining and interesting anecdotes, leads you across the whole of Germany.

Soon merchants and traders discovered the art of brewing, too. With the development of international trade routes began the era of the great merchants, wealthy tradesmen and guilds. Naturally, the beer brewers benefited from the economic boom as well. Above all, the cities that had been united in the Hanseatic League since 1358 experienced a boost. Records show that in 1450, the then tiny town of Lübeck boasted around 180 breweries, so beer is definitely in the inhabitants' blood. Very few beer makers remain today, but among them is Brauberger. This atmospheric pub-restaurant has a brewery at the back of the premises and a cellar dating to 1225. The tangy, yeasty beer is served in tall, straight glasses and is ideal for washing down hefty roast and smoked-pork dishes.

During your visit to Lubeck, taste some of its famous beers and learn more about the tradition of beer making in the Hanseatic Cities.