Program - Arts - Husum - Germany
The most famous son of the city of Husum

Theodor Storm

Theodor Storm, who was born in Husum in 1817, was a poet and novelist whose novellas are among the finest in German literature. He is an outstanding representative of German poetic Realism, which had as its aim the portrayal of the positive values of everyday life. The Storm’s early lyrics are songlike and characterized by their simplicity and beauty of form. Their main themes are love, nature, and an intense love of homeland. His most important works are "Der Schimmelreiter" and the poem "Die Stadt".

Theodor Storm's Husum was known as the gray city by the sea. Discover North Sea city and the surrounding "Schimmelreiterland" through the eyes of Theodor Storm. The well-known poet has spent a large part of his life here. Many locations have gone into his numerous literary works. The town by Theodor Storm offers a lot of attractions with the Storm house, living and working places.

Immerse yourself in his literary world. There is still a lot to experience around the topic of Storm today.