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Friesian cake


Friesentorte is a North and East Friesland specialty. A combination of cake and tart, it is rich, creamy, absolutely delicious and now a popular treat throughout Northern Germany.

Made from Short Crust pastry, Puff Pastry, Whipping Cream and Plum Jam or Puree, often homemade, it is the calorie bomb "special occasion" cake that accompanies a Friesentee, (Frisian tea), Ceremony on Sundays and celebrations. Or coffee at a Kaffeeklatsch, a coffee morning or afternoon. It is a reward worth waiting for after a bracing walk along the Friesland sea shore, and through the dunes battling a North Sea wind. Despite its simplicity there are as many variations for Friesentorte. In Denmark, a variant of this cake is the so-called Gåsebryst.

During your visit to North and East Frisia Region taste this delicacy and enjoy its flavor.