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Would you like a cup of a tea?

The German East Frisian Tea Ceremony

A lot of countries have their very own versions of the traditional tea ceremony. One kind of ritualized tea culture originated thousands of years ago in China. But deep within the German North Sea coast where the state of Lower Saxony splits into the mainland and some wonderful islands, the region of East Frisia has a special habit of drinking tea as well. During the 18th century, the pleasure of drinking it spread all over the region.

Following the tradition, the main drinking time is 3 o’clock in the afternoon, but you will also find the local peope drinking tea at 11 a.m. and sometimes 9 p.m. The East Frisian tea ceremony is not commonly practiced in the rest of Germany, and is indeed more of a local tradition. But once you have experienced it and become a part of it, you will learn to enjoy that certain something about your afternoon drink. Eventually, many come to realize it’s not about drinking because you’re thirsty, but much more about taking time out and enjoying the sociable but calm atmosphere this special procedure creates.

If you visit the region and arrive in between these times, you are still sure to be invited to enjoy a cup of tea as a friendly welcome. Be sure to accept at least three cups before declining, as anything less would be considered impolite. When you have finished your last cup, either turn it upside down onto the saucer, or put your teaspoon into the cup.