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Meet the Alpacas

Alpacas Farm on Langeooge Island

Alpacas are curious creatures. Their long necks are held straight, giraffe-like, and their elongated eyes and upright oval ears make them look more like genetically mutated chow chow dogs. Nothing surprises you more than the sight of an alpaca ambling around in the sparsely populated woods of Germany, far from their natural habitat in South American Andes.

Experience memorable moments at Abolengo de alpaca farm on the Langeooge Island. Have contact with the animals and experiencing to be on the other side of the fence, together with the “alpis”. People who work on the farm will provide you with first insights into keeping, care, and feeding of alpacas. Beyond that, you will get to know alpaca herd up close.

Domesticated by the Incas as meat and wool suppliers about 5,000 years ago, the alpacas’ valuable wool and adaptability to warm weather conditions have made them extremely reliable farm animals. As a result, there are profitable alpaca farms across the globe, from the rolling mountains of Oregon in the west coast of the U.S., to the alpine meadows of south Australia’s Victorian High Country. Now, Germans are looking for a brief weekend getaway drive to farms like Abolengo de alpaca to watch alpacas and if keen, take them for a walk around the farm in groups. Or just to shop something created from alpaca wool.