Program - Sightseeing - East Frisia region - Germany
UNESCO World Heritage Islands

East Frisian Islands

Endless expanses, fascinating, untouched landscapes with unique flora and fauna, healthy air and sandy beaches inviting you to relax and unwind. Welcome to the East Frisian Islands, where you can feel tension melt away from the moment you arrive. The chain of German islands belonging to the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park extends over an area of ninety kilometers off the Lower Saxon North Sea coast and attracts visitors year-round to the holiday destination Lower Saxony.

The largest of the East Frisian Islands is called Borkum. Here are five reasons to visit the Frisian Islands. They’re undiscovered and it’s pretty rare to hear English spoken there. They hold incredible nature with beautiful landscape consisting of beaches, dunes, forests, polders, and Pleistocene glacier sand deposits. They’re home to wadlopen during which low tides, areas of the sea are laid dry, allowing nature and sports lovers to cross on foot from the mainland to the islands or from one island to another. The islands have their own culture and language which is distinct from the culture of the mainland. The Frisian language is Germanic and bears a strong resemblance to English. Moreover, the Frisian Islands are home to food and drinks not available anywhere else. They may not be there for long because they are under threat from climate change. As the water levels are rising and sand is being flushed away, they may disappear in a few decades.

Visit East Frisian Island because the Frisian archipelago has something to offer for everyone, from the nature freak to the sports enthusiast, and occasionally even the foodie.