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Walking on the water

Hiking to the Island of Neuwerk

Island of Neuwerk is located about 15 kilometers northwest off the coastline of the city of Cuxhaven – a coastal town which used to belong to Hamburg politically till 1961. Basically, there are three means of transportation to the island. By carriage, on horses, or using your own feet.

The most spectacular "walk on the water" can be taken at Cuxhaven. Here, you don’t have only the chance to meander along the shore, here you can actually cross and walk all the way to the island of Neuwerk. The tours start in the districts of Duhnen or Sahlenburg. The distance is 12 kilometers or 7.5 miles from Duhnen and 10 km or 6.2 miles from Sahlenburg. You can "walk on the water" thanks to mudflats.That means basically that about every four hours, influenced by moon phases, the water disappears, leaving a huge muddy area with a fascinating, almost invisible wildlife that’s more important for our planet than the rain forest. This is not only a fascinating phenomenon, but also great fun. As soon as the water is gone, the vacationers rush out on the tideland, observing the ground for shells, worms, and crabs. Or they just stroll around enjoying the squishy mud between their toes.

Before you start, you should pack sun protection and a hat, a change of clothes since you do not want to spend the rest of the day soaked in mud and slush in case you slip and fall. And a pair of shoes for your stay on the island.