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The romantic city of the Holstein Switzerland

The Plön

"My romantic attachment began... from the romantic beauty of Plön and its countryside. The little town nestles, surrounded by lakes, on a narrow strip of land encircling the low hill, whose heights are occupied by the old ducal palace, ringed by old trees, avenues and terraced, sloping gardens. Around the sprawling waters of the lakes, which can be seen from above in a single sweeping gaze, runs a belt of beautiful beech forest over hills, interspersed with a gay, fertile landscape. When, in the evening of a bright summer's day, the moon casts its beams over the gently stirring waves of the lake surface, what a wonderful decoration to play romantic games with the heart over the terraces and under the old trees…" wrote Rochus von Liliencron.

Plön is a town in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost state of Germany. In the course of the Migration Period, Slavic tribes entered the region of Plön during the early 7th century following the withdrawal of the original Germanic population. On the large island opposite Plön, which was later called Olsborg, they built a large fortification. They called their settlement Plune, which means "ice-free water". Plön has a grammar school with a 300-year history, and is home to a German Navy non-commissioned officer school. Plön Castle is one of the most important Renaissance buildings in the country. On Plön's Planet Walk the solar system is mapped on a scale of 1:2,000,000,000, starting from a symbol of the sun on the landing stage on Market Bridge. The old Plön Water Tower of 1913 is used today as a residence.

These and many other attractions are waiting for you in this small and beautiful city. Visit it and enjoy its beauty.