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The picture-postcard region

Holstein Switzerland lakes and nature

Holstein Switzerland is a picture-postcard region of lakes, woods and gently rolling hills in Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany, not far from the Baltic Sea coast. Tucked between Germany’s great maritime cities of Lübeck and Kiel, among the glacial moraines of easternmost Schleswig-Holstein, is the splendidly varied landscape of the Holstein Switzerland Nature Reserve. The River Schwentine courses through several of more than 200 lakes, including its largest, Great Plön Lake before emptying into the Baltic Sea.

Great Plön Lake has room enough in its 36 sq km (22 sq mi) for twenty-eight islands and the tens of thousands of sailors, anglers, and water sports enthusiasts who visit its shores every year. Except the largest lake, there are as well Dieksee, Kellersee, Großer Eutiner See, Ukleisee and many more.You will discover original nature reserves with rare flora and fauna, picturesque villages, white sandy beaches.

From the depths of its lakes to the breadth of its historical and cultural marvels, Holstein Switzerland has everything to provide you with the vacation of a lifetime.