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The Europe's most beautiful natural theater

Rathen Open-Air Stage

Rathen Open-Air Stage is Europe's most beautiful natural theater. It has been fascinating fans of the theater, lovers of the classics, Western fans, families and walkers for over 70 years. Set in the heart of Saxon Switzerland National Park, the picturesque Rathen Wehlgrund forms an impressive, natural rocky backdrop. Nature and art merge in the most spectacular way here.

The open-air theater has 2,000 seats and was laid out in 1936, inspired by the ideas of the Thingbewegung movement, by the municipality of Rathen for the staging of plays and concerts. It opened with Basteispiel by Kurt Arnold Findeisen. By 1938 the first Karl May Festivals were being held. In the summer season between May and September there are up to 90 performances by the Landesbühnen Sachsen. The program is very varied, ranging from musical theater to plays and from classic to modern works.

Whether you are visiting a play or a concert, a trip to the Rathen Open Air Stage with its unique rocks in the background is always an unforgettable experience.