Program - Leisure - Lake Constance region - Germany
The play on the lake

Spiel auf dem See - floating stage

The world's largest floating stage is the scene of a sensational opera every year. The city of Bregenz on Lake Constance welcomes the Bregenz Festival every July and August at this stage.

The opera on the lake stage ("play on the lake") is a special spectacle every year. The mood on the open-air stage, which was built on the shores of Lake Constance, changes drastically in the course of the performance, but at first hardly noticeably. At the beginning the sun gives off natural light, disappears quietly behind the scenery during the course of the piece and then lets the night dominate. With every staging, the lake becomes part of the drama. There is no performance in which at least one actor does not go swimming for the audience.

Every year the Bregenz Festival program consists of orchestral concerts, other opera pieces, operettas, puppet theater, music theater, exhibitions and much more. Visit Bregenz, Lake Constance and enjoy performances on this interesting stage.