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The culinary pride of the Lake Constance

St.Gallen sausage

Around 3,500 tons of St.Gallen sausage are produced annually - about 30 million pieces or 6,000 kilometers of sausage.

The culinary pride of the locals, the St. Gallen Sausage, was invented as early as 1438. 300 years later, it was patented as the Olma sausage. Its soft and white inner core is composed of veal meat and some pork bacon. As well as milk. In St. Gallen they are traditionally eaten without mustard, because this covers the nuances of the exquisite meat. At parties, football matches and as street food, you can enjoy the golden-brown sausage from the grill together with a crispy St. Gallen Bürli. Gourmets order the sausage flawlessly white from the brew to savour.

Sample four different sausages and decide which sausage deserves the title of the Best St. Galler Bratwurst.