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Enjoying the nature

Lake Constance and hiking

The Lake Constance region is predestined for hiking and boasts an outstanding network of hiking trails. Pleasant walking trails and more challenging hiking trails all lead to the same destination by Lake Constance: the heart of nature. Visitors can reach breathtaking view points or peaceful and relaxing sites on foot. The lake is never far away, tempting visitors to take a dip in the cool water on hot summer days.

The gentle footpaths along the shores of Lake Constance lead to natural beaches offering bathing and picnic facilities. Walkers pass through historic towns and communities with numerous local sights to visit. After a pleasant walk along the lake shore, visitors can return to their starting point. The numerous themed trails in the countryside around Lake Constance offer the chance to enjoy smaller walks – almost always with a breathtaking view over the lake. In contrast, a hike through a gorge seems to take visitors deep into the earth. Winding paths lead down to the foot of high rock faces. Little streams become roaring waterfalls. Walking here becomes a genuine adventure for the entire family.

Choose which kind of hike is suits you the most and enjoy the nature.