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Castles of Swabian Alps

The largest density of castles in Germany

With more than 100 castles and fortresses inhabiting the mountain tops and rocks of the steeply inclining Albtrauf, the Swabian Jura contains the largest density of castles in the entire country of Germany.

The reason is no big mystery. Both the House of Hohenzollern and the Hohenstaufen dynasty used to reside in this area. And the former centers of power have managed to retain their charm until today. Though it's been a while since the fortified walls had to ward off attackers, the historical buildings still attract rather more peaceful visitors fascinated by these well preserved witnesses of history. Perhaps the most impressive is the Hohenzollern Castle, perched on the heights above Hechingen and Bisingen. One of the most celebrated castles in all of Europe, it is really the romantic re-creation of two earlier castles which had dated back to the 11th century. The only royalty who lived in the castle, however, was the last Crown Prince of Prussia, Prince Wilhelm, who stayed there briefly in 1945.

During your visit to this beautiful Germain region visiting the castles of Swabian Alps is something that you must do.