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Delicious legend

Rat Tails dish

Flambéed rat tails are the typical specialty of the pied piper town of Hameln. Thanks to the legendary hero, who is known worldwide, the city on the Weser is now free of rats, which is why the special name does not hide real rat tails, which are delicious pork fillet, and are served exclusively and flambéed in the Rattenfängerhaus restaurant.

The flambéed rat tails have been established for over 40 years. The fiery fillet tips from pork with a variety of spices and vegetables are served to the guests in an entertaining way and peppered with a lot of information. The preparation takes place practically at the table, the highlight is the flambé. 400 g pork fillet is cut into bite-sized strips and fried in butter.

The flambéed rat tails are a real hit with locals as well as tourists and those who have not tried them should definitely do so.