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The world famous cookies

The Coppenrath Bakery

Did you ever wonder who makes those European cookies you see in the drugstore with cute patterns printed on or a tablet of chocolate? The baking of fine pastry runs in the family of the Coppenraths. For already six generations they have devoted their selves to the baking and confectionery trade, to the fabrication of the finest baking delicacies.

It all started with honey cake back in the 1830s and 1840s. The delicious honey cake made by the master baker Heinrich Coppenrath junior not only appealed greatly to those with a sweet tooth in his native Emsland in Lower Saxony, it also found its way onto the tea tables of various high ranking and royal families. But that was not the end of the story; thanks to their skill, hard work and spirit of enterprise, the Coppenrath family extended their range of products and managed to find customers for their popular confections throughout the whole country. And what started as a small rural bake house developed into a successful major bakery business. Today, the quality of Coppenrath products is appreciated worldwide. The company managed by Andreas Coppenrath, representing the sixth generation of the Coppenrath family, now employs 300 personnel who make sure that up to 120 tonnes of baked goods are ready for delivery every day.

During your visit to Emsland region visit this bakery and learn about the process of making world famous cookies.