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Taste of Bergstrasse Wine

Bergstrasse Wine Region

South of Frankfurt there’s the smallest wine-producing area of the entire country, Hessischev Bergstrasse. Here fine varieties of white wine are produced thanks to the mild climate. The vineyards are located throughout a hilly landscape where ancient castles and abbeys are also hidden.

The Bergstrasse Wine Route is nestled in a region with a mild climate, where almond, cherry and peach trees blossom beautifully in pink and white in the spring and picturesque little towns with Medieval half-timbered buildings enchant visitors. The sun shines for 1,600 hours a year here, making this the perfect location for growing fine wines. The micro climate and an extended growing season of Hessische Bergstrasse wine region assures the quality production of Rieslings. The other renowned wine variety of this region is Müller-Thurgau. Both these white varieties are the heart and soul of the vineyards. Some other grape types include Spätburgunder, a leading red variety in Germany. You might also discover a rare Dornfelder, grown in between Riesling wine rows.

Visit this Wine route and enjoy local wines.