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Yellow castle

The castle of Öhringen

The castle of Öhringen lies in the heart of the city directly in the marketplace. The castle was built in Renaissance style in 1611 according to the plans of architect Georg Kern from Hohenlohe and served as the widow's seat for Countess Magdalena from Hohenlohe, half sister of Wilhelm of Orange, until 1633.

After an estate distribution, Öhringen became the capital city under Count Johann Friedrich I from Hohenlohe- Neuenstein in 1677. He has suggested the attachment of the Marstall to the already existing "Long building". Just like his son Johann Friedrich II, who became count in 1764, other successors also carried out structural extensions and changes. Between 1770 and 1775 the Remisenbau and the outside staircase in the castle courtyard developed as well as the Prinzenbau in 1812/13. Between 1845 and 1847 the staterooms blue hall, dining hall and white hall were renovated.

During your visit to this German region visit this beautiful Renaissance building.