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Program - Leisure - Germany - Saxon Switzerland
First Germain Garden City

First Germain Garden City The Garden City of Hellerau More than 100 years ago, shortly after the first garden city was established in England, the first German version was established in Dresden. The garden city in Hellerau is the first and most consistent implementation in Germany of the garden city idea of the English social utopian Sir Ebenezer Howard. Howard had designed the model of planned urban development in 1898 in response to poor housing and living conditions as well as the horrendous rise in land prices in major cities that had grown considerably due to industrialization. Read more ...

Program - Sports - Germany - Saxon Switzerland
Magical rides on crystal clear water

Magical rides on crystal clear water Rafting tour on the Elbe river There is a small range of great water-based activities available in Saxon Switzerland. Mastering the Elbe with your own strength is difficult but certainly worth the effort. From pulling yourself through the water with a paddle to simply letting the current guide you along. An Elbe tour through Saxon Switzerland is certainly an experience.
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Program - Leisure - Germany - Saxon Switzerland
The only rock national park in Germany

The only rock national park in Germany 16/07/2021 - 22/08/2021 Elbe Sandstone Mountains The Elbe Sandstone Mountains, also called the Elbe Sandstone Highlands is a mountain range straddling the border between the state of Saxony in southeastern Germany and the North Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. In both countries, core parts of the mountain range have been declared a national park. The name derives from the sandstone which was carved by erosion. The river Elbe breaks through the mountain range in a steep and narrow valley. Read more ...

Program - Sightseeing - Germany - Saxon Switzerland
The Europe's most beautiful natural theater

The Europe's most beautiful natural theater 20/08/2021 - 22/08/2021 Rathen Open-Air Stage Rathen Open-Air Stage is Europe's most beautiful natural theater. It has been fascinating fans of the theater, lovers of the classics, Western fans, families and walkers for over 70 years. Set in the heart of Saxon Switzerland National Park, the picturesque Rathen Wehlgrund forms an impressive, natural rocky backdrop. Nature and art merge in the most spectacular way here. Read more ...